Hi, my name is Lex Postma

Born and raised in Rijswijk, the Netherlands. Industrial design engineer by trade. Interaction and interface designer by passion. Versatile by interest. Perfectionist by virtue. Bleeding in six colors since 2005.

Profile picture Lex

I am an industrial design engineer with a human-centred focus on human-product interaction design. I see it as a mix of UI and UX design, so I create things, either by hand or with my Mac, with the user in mind. These can be all kinds of things, like designing physical products and building prototypes, making 3D CAD models and animated presentations, designing apps and making user-testable mockups, or coding websites.

As a perfectionist, I care about the smallest details and am overly dedicated towards the projects I’m working on. I believe in making quality products that enable people to make and do amazing things. For me, everything is about the customer’s experience, pushing technology to the background.

Lex working on a prototype

I love following the world of Apple and tech related topics and am an overall gadget and Kickstarter fan.

In the past I’ve played basketball. At 1,95m I was pretty good at the center position. These days running is my sport of choice. Going out for a run and improving myself to run new personal records at running events is what motivates me.

On this website of mine, you can also find my portfolio, personal blog and my résumé.

You should be able to find me somewhere...

Quirky details

When I’m not working, I travel back and forth between my girlfriend Femke, my family and my friends. I love shooting some hoops or pooling with friends, but also enjoy sitting back and relaxing with Femke, popcorn, and some great TV shows.

My mindless (travel) hours are spend listening to podcasts. When I need to concentrate and actually think, I almost always turn on some tunes.


This Internet Thing

This website is my spare time project and was created for two reasons: to create my very own online profile and to learn web design and development. I built it from scratch with some great help and libraries, using PHP with a MySQL backend.

I’m a big fan of writers/bloggers like John Gruber, Federico Viticci, Marco Arment and Stephen Hackett. I love how they built audiences around themselves and their voices in this Internet community I feel part of. As a result, I aspire to write my own blog, alongside this profile and my portfolio. On my blog, I’ll mostly write about Apple, tech, apps, and design. Sometimes sports, or some portfolio work, or whatever I feel like posting. 😉